[unisog] Posting of Bandwidth Hogs

Arnold, Jamie harnold at binghamton.edu
Sat Oct 12 20:54:44 GMT 2002

I think you're opening up a can of worms with that one.  While your
intentions are good, I doubt that the students will do more than harrass the
offender or worse yet, target tham as having a potentially compromised
machine.  Many of our high BW users are unaware that their machine is
compromised.  We use a high BW list internally to identify offenders as well
as our Packetshaper to find top talkers and listeners.  The information can
lead to a letter, phone call or the port being shut down.


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We are considering the use of peer presure to help regulate the bandwidth 

Are any universitiies posting "Top Bandwidth Hog" lists? If so are, how 
are you doing it? What information to you provide? Who has access to 

Have you noticed results? What do the students think of this?


Mary M. Chaddock, GSEC, GCUX
Network Security Administrator
Abilene Christian University
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