[unisog] Dealing with security patches at the desktop

Arnold, Jamie harnold at binghamton.edu
Sun Oct 13 16:36:41 GMT 2002

SMS is  great product, unfortunately we experienced a political issue with
it.  Once certain people found out that we could do the remote control
thing, they got upset.  Some users *loved* it.  We then switched on the
option that required the user at the desktop to give approval before remote
administration could happen.  That  switch is a global one.  You can't turn
it on for users and off for servers, so now SMS no longer would allow us to
admin our boxes.  Additionally, we could no longer fix a machine remotely if
the user wasn't there.  I will say that for the time we had it running it
was wonderful.  We could close 70% of our helpdesk calls from our desktops
and in record time.  Even the helpdesk staff started using it and really
liked it, but, like many things in .edu, politics took it away.

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How is everyone dealing with security patches at the desktop? We do a pretty
good job of keeping our servers up-to-date but our desktops are woefully

We're looking at using SMS to push out patches. Has anyone encountered any
issues with this method? Are you also distributing service packs and IE
upgrades through SMS?


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