[unisog] Posting of Bandwidth Hogs

Andrew Cormack A.Cormack at ukerna.ac.uk
Mon Oct 14 13:37:05 GMT 2002

One of the universities on JANET used a more subtle form of peer
pressure on their residences network. They notified everyone in the
residences that they could throttle the bandwidth of the hall Internet
connection and that the limit would be reduced if the link caused
trouble either on or off campus. No need to publish any stats or
identities: it turns out the students have a pretty good idea of who is
burning up the packets (or maybe those who knew they were thought
everyone else knew too...) and word got around pretty fast. Result is a
network where everyone can do what they need to, no complaints and
everyone happy. Might be worth a try?


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> We are considering the use of peer presure to help regulate 
> the bandwidth 
> usage.
> Are any universitiies posting "Top Bandwidth Hog" lists? If 
> so are, how 
> are you doing it? What information to you provide? Who has access to 
> it? 
> Have you noticed results? What do the students think of this?
> Thanks,
> -Mary.
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