[unisog] Posting of Bandwidth Hogs

Bill Martin bmartin at luc.edu
Mon Oct 14 15:52:59 GMT 2002

This may just have the opposite effect that you may be hoping for.  Those that are interested in ripping and file sharing, they may view this as a competition and nothing more.

I subscribe more to the idea of "shut them down" if they are over utilizing, or improperly using resources.

-Bill Martin-
Sr. Systems Analyst
Loyola University Chicago
bmartin at luc.edu

>>> "Mary M. Chaddock" <unisog-post at waldo.acu.edu> 10/11/02 05:09PM >>>
We are considering the use of peer presure to help regulate the bandwidth 

Are any universitiies posting "Top Bandwidth Hog" lists? If so are, how 
are you doing it? What information to you provide? Who has access to 

Have you noticed results? What do the students think of this?


Mary M. Chaddock, GSEC, GCUX
Network Security Administrator
Abilene Christian University
Abilene, Tx.

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