[unisog] Academic Freedom

Jim Dillon Jim.Dillon at cusys.edu
Tue Oct 15 20:32:59 GMT 2002

While practically speaking it may come to this, this should never be the
attitude we use to attack the problem.  IT is a service function - it serves
to support the "business" and when it starts to promote its own goals for
its own purposes, it has lost vision and value.

The "Eat this, you'll like it, and you have to" approach should only be used
as with medicine to prevent the spread of small pox - it serves the
community/the whole, not the pharmaceutical industry!  If you can't identify
the greater user base as beneficiaries, then you may want to question the

Best wishes on your challenge, I'm both envious and very afraid for you!

Best regards,


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In short, the unspoken rule was "you will do what we allow you, and you will
like it, end of story" :-).

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