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Jerry A. Copus copus at uwplatt.edu
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For the record, we also currently require that our students sign a 
statement about accepting the AUP etc. before they receive their account. 
However I'm currently questioning the necessity of the huge overhead we 
incur in time, materials, filing etc. since I do not believe it adds any 
more validity in a legal sense versus simply notifying them up front and on 
a regular basis of the rules that apply. We'd like to implement an 
electronic registration system at some point like many schools already have.

My point to them in #2 below is that there are many cases in society where 
rules apply to you regardless of whether you agree with them or have signed 
off on them beforehand. Same with our AUP, our ISP's AUP, Copyright law, 

I also believe Jim Dillon is correct in that we shouldn't walk into this 
with the "take it or leave it" attitude. I reserve my responses described 
earlier as a reality check for the particularly loud and indignant, as I'm 
sure Bill Martin does. It's fun to talk about being a BOFH, but in practice 
(at least in Higher-Ed) you can't REALLY be one!

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>> 2. In response to the "I didn't agree to this/sign anything" charge:
>> I also did not sign anything saying that I agree to or accept the laws,
>> yet  they still apply and I'm held responsible by society for violating
>> them.
> We actually make them accept our EAUP as part of the process of
> claiming their directory/email accounts when they are incoming students
> (they need their directory accounts to claim an IP address in the
> dorms).  We then periodically send out reminders saying that use of the
> network constitutes acceptance of the policies governing it.  The Univ.
> of Chicago administration, for good or evil, recently decided that
> email was an official and preferred mode of communication.  Now if we
> could only get everyone to require GnuPG/PGP.
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> Dan
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