Open Shares

Paul Dokas dokas at
Fri Oct 18 15:28:58 GMT 2002

Just yesterday, I discovered a user in my dorms attempting to run a bit
of software call Phynd (, which scans for and indexes open
windows shares.  The documented purpose of this software is to facilitate
the sharing of files.  However, it appears to index *everything* that it
finds on open shares which, IMHO, makes it ripe for homework stealing and
accessing other questionable material.

So, I'd like to find out what, if anything, other Universities are doing
about open shares.  In the past, we'd had problems with people stealing
homework assignments, sharing copyrighted material and once in a while
erasing each other's drives.  Luckily, we completely block windows networking
at our border, so we only have these problems on campus without involving
random machines on the Internet.

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