[unisog] Suggestions for bridging firewall?

Wells, Cary cary.wells at ualberta.ca
Mon Oct 28 23:51:31 GMT 2002

We just starting using a sonicwall pro 300 and i think 6 other departments
are as well on campus but I can say I would rather have a OpenBSD bridgeing
firewall in it's place as you can just see more and it's easier to
customize.  If you want software then I would say do OpenBSD, the bridging
is all built in and the setup takes roughly 1/2 hour to get it all up and
going it can also sit there transparent without ips so noone can touch it
from the anywhere but the console, if you want hardware there are many,
sonicwall, watchguard are two that can handle multiple class Cs behind it
without extra routers. There is also Nortons which is just a ?viper? and pix
but we had problems with pix not doing multiple class Cs.

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> Subject: [unisog] Suggestions for bridging firewall?
> Hi,
> We're looking for a (stateful) bridging firewall to sit on the 100Mb/s
> connection between our department and the rest of campus, 
> which is also
> our link out to the open internet.  Normally, our 15-min traffic
> average on this connection is less than a few Mb/s, but 
> occasionally we'll
> burst up to 60Mb or so.  Does anyone have any recommendations for
> solid, easy-to-use products?
> I have played around with a Linux box and iptables, but maybe a
> commercial appliance would be easier to use and more feature-ful.  Any
> insight would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Pete

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