[unisog] Suggestions for bridging firewall?

Steve Bernard sbernard at gmu.edu
Tue Oct 29 19:58:17 GMT 2002

As an extension of my previous recommendation for OpenBSD I will add that
eWeek Magazine/Labs is currently running their 4th annual OpenHack online
security challenge and they are using OpenBSD 3.2 for firewall, VPN, SSH
shell server, DNS, email, and public HTTP/web services. If that's not a
recommendation I don't know what is.

OpenHack website: http://www.openhack.com/
eWeek Labs article: http://www.eweek.com/category2/1,3960,600431,00.asp


eWeek Magazine, October 14, 2002 issue, pages 37-40 (includes network


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We're looking for a (stateful) bridging firewall to sit on the 100Mb/s
connection between our department and the rest of campus, which is also
our link out to the open internet.  Normally, our 15-min traffic
average on this connection is less than a few Mb/s, but occasionally we'll
burst up to 60Mb or so.  Does anyone have any recommendations for
solid, easy-to-use products?

I have played around with a Linux box and iptables, but maybe a
commercial appliance would be easier to use and more feature-ful.  Any
insight would be greatly appreciated!


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