off-list Re: [unisog] Mail Gateway Anti-Virus Products

Tom Throckmorton throck at
Tue Oct 29 20:40:41 GMT 2002

months ago, Gary Flynn wrote:

>>2) How effective has it been?
>All were deemed very effective except those that based their decisions 
>solely on attachment types rather than actual virus signature checking.
>Even those stopped a lot of malware. (We're blocking close to 250
>virus carrying messages a day in such a configuration but are looking
>for a signature type solution.)

We're in a similar position to where you were back in April, ready to 
retire our old procmail recipes and looking for something that handles 
signatures instead of name patterns, perhaps possibly additionally 
inspecting web/pop/imap in addition to smtp, and am curious if you found 
a product since your post that suited your needs.  Seems like VirusWall 
and WebShield are the only two players in the commercial space...

It might also be interesting to talk about the ease of integrating such 
a product into existing infrastructure - everyone's setup is different, 
but there's probably a common set of problems (and solutions) that would 
be worth discussing.


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