[unisog] [spam] student vacations (fwd)

William D. Colburn (aka Schlake) wcolburn at nmt.edu
Wed Oct 30 19:29:14 GMT 2002

No, but I recently added a herustic to my antispam milter that a host
which says "HELO hotmail.com" that has no reverse IP address probably
isn't hotmail.com, so I refuse it.  In the case below, such a rule would
have helped you.  :)  I've also decided that hosts without a reverse DNS
name which say HELO <word>, where <word> isn't a domain name, are
probably spammers.  There has only been one notice of a misblocked
email, so I'm leaving it in place for now.  Lastly, since most Korean
and Chinese spammers don't seem able to configure DNS, but give helpful
hostnames in their HELO, I block certain HELOs from repeat offenders
(like 163.net and 163.com).

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> Is anyone else getting spam from www.springbreakout.com?  The service provider
> is in China and spam has been coming from all over the world.
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> Hey everyone,
> This year we are trying to put together campuswide
> spring break packages for all students.  There are
> lots of destinations to choose from including Cancun,
> Mazatlan, Acapulco and more with a variety of inclusive
> packages.  If you would like more information, fill out
> the information request form and we will send all the
> details.  There is no obligation. This is just to receive
> information.  Let's start planning early so we get the best deals.
> http://www.springbreakout.com/
> You only get a chance to do stuff like this once!

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