[unisog] Anyone doing large scale NAT for their campus?

Scott Genung sagenung at ilstu.edu
Mon Sep 23 14:45:38 GMT 2002

At 10:05 AM 9/23/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>I've been following the NAT discussions relative to its security use.
>But in terms of the way it apparently undermines the end-to-end model,
>does anyone have a point of view about NAT relative to its use to reduce
>or eliminate outbound Kazaa or Morpheus traffic?

It can be argued that NAT undermines the end-to-end model of the Internet. 
However (my opinion), that is only a religious argument. NAT does not 
really (appear) to impact file sharing applications because translations 
already exist by the time a user is seeking content from a host on your 
network because this host already registered itself with an external 
directory (thereby creating the translation). As long as there is flow from 
the private address source, the translation will remain valid and the 
content of a private address host can be reached from outside your network. 
Again, this can be controlled to a limited degree by how long you allow 
inactive translations to remain cached.

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