[unisog] Supplying Account Names to Students

Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu
Thu Sep 26 20:46:08 GMT 2002

On Thu, 26 Sep 2002 14:49:56 EDT, Gary Flynn <flynngn at jmu.edu>  said:
> How can they find out? If they're not on campus?

And equally important, what defenses do you use against social engineering
attacks? (i.e. make them show up with a picture ID, refuse to do password
changes over the phone, etc?) (And no, you don't need to share if you don't
want to say - but you *should* think "what do we do to make sure that the
person is who they say they are?" - and remember that things like their SSN
are probably a *lot* easier to get than you think.  I'm willing to bet that
walking through the gym locker room will find at least a few lockers that
contain wallets without benefit of padlocks - you now have a name and a
driver's license number (and in some states that's also the SSN by default).

A shocking number of organizations don't bother doing ANY verification...
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