[unisog] Exchange Spam

Arnold, Jamie harnold at binghamton.edu
Thu Sep 26 22:57:59 GMT 2002

For the money, it can't be beat at 3X the price.

Trend and Sophos have excellent smtp, ftp and http gateway products.
Mcaffee has the E500 appliance.  We have had terrible luck with them for
months now, but as of this week it appears to be doing it's job.

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From: Wells, Cary [mailto:cary.wells at ualberta.ca] 
Sent: Thursday, September 26, 2002 4:13 PM
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Subject: RE: [unisog] Exchange Spam

We had looked at it and have decided to use a smtp gateway instead.  they
don't seem to have a smtp gateway product so I am back to the drawing board
looking for new products.

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> From: Saracini, Bill [mailto:SaraciniW at health.missouri.edu]
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> As a person who keeps track of the results of poor virus
> defenses, I can attest that the Antigen product has done a 
> very respectable job on defending our large MS shop.  It 
> seems quite flexible in what is filtered and should 
> accommodate achieving the institutional policy for most entities.
> Bill
> William J. (Bill) Saracini
> System Security Analyst
> University of Missouri Health Sciences Center
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> From: Arnold, Jamie [mailto:harnold at binghamton.edu]
> Sent: Thursday, September 26, 2002 8:01 AM
> To: 'Mark Fleahman'; 'unisog at sans.org'
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> I can second the Antigen message.  We were the first in the
> US to use a
> clustered Exchange setup and at that time Antigen was the 
> only product to
> support clustering (it did support it...sort of..)  We've 
> used it for the
> last 5 years with excellent success.  It now does content 
> checking (V6.5) as
> well as file/worm filtering and of course, virus checking.
> Good stuff...
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> From: Mark Fleahman [mailto:MFleahman at uamail.albany.edu]
> Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2002 3:53 PM
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> Subject: RE: [unisog] Exchange Spam
> Cary,
> I would upgrade to Exchange 2000 if you've already
> implemented AD, can't do
> it otherwise, though I don't know how complicated your 
> environment.  I would
> then set up a front-end Exchange server (without mailboxes) 
> as your smtp
> gateway and for OWA, which allows the back-end systems to be 
> hidden behind
> the firewall.  Assuming you're not worried about spam from 
> within, then only
> the front-end server needs to run the anti-spam software, 
> which won't effect
> the performance of your other Exchange servers.
> As far as what to run for anti-spam software, I have no idea.
>  We haven't
> yet evaluated any products here.  However, for antivirus 
> software I would
> recommend Antigen from Sybari.
> Mark
> --------------------------------------
> Mark C. Fleahman
> Associate Director, Information Security
> University at Albany
> 1400 Washington Ave., MSC-209
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> From: Wells, Cary [mailto:cary.wells at ualberta.ca]
> Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2002 12:50 PM
> To: unisog at sans.org
> Subject: [unisog] Exchange Spam
> Just got the ok to implement spam control on our exchange 5.5
> server for our
> department.  What I wanted to know was what everyone was using?  I am
> looking at using mail essentials 7 for exchange, does anyone 
> use this? Would
> it be better if I upgraded to exchange 2000 and use a newer 
> program?  I am
> not really interested in setting up a smtp gateway spam control device
> unless you all tell me that it by far the better choice.
> Any suggestions would be helpful thank you.
> Cary Wells

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