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>Is there any truth in this article? Does anyone know?

	Yes there is, and yes, we do ;).  Before anyone decides to fill their flamethrowers with Napalm and accuse of being ignorant, lazy, loafabout network admins, I encourage you to read our reasoning behind it (most of you already know why we would do such a thing, seeing as how many of you are busy dealing with Win2k compromises, and have been since school started up) at www.resnet.ucsb.edu.
	I love all the hate mail we're getting from the /. zealot community..."Haven't you idiots heard of Service Packs?", "How much money is M$ putting in your pockets?", "WinXP is more secure than 2000?  Your [sic] retarded!", "Linux would be WAY better than XP!".
	What I know that many of you will get a chuckle out of is the thought of trying to convince Amber the Cheerleader or Race the Fratboy to install Linux...or to maintain proper patches/upgrades to a Win2k box.  

	You're welcome...

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