[unisog] Windows 2000 break-ins

Bill Smith smithwh at wfu.edu
Fri Sep 6 18:33:48 GMT 2002


Here is a list of IRC ports:

irc             194/tcp    Internet Relay Chat Protocol        
irc             194/udp    Internet Relay Chat Protocol
irc-serv        529/tcp    IRC-SERV
irc-serv        529/udp    IRC-SERV
ircs		    994/tcp    irc protocol over TLS/SSL
ircs		    994/udp    irc protocol over TLS/SSL
ircu		    6665-6669/tcp  IRCU
ircu		    6665-6669/udp  IRCU

Most of the hits we see are 6666, 6667 and 6668 but I have seen hits on
all. Hope this help and good luck.

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>A quick question reguarding XDCC traffic. What port(s) are typicaly
>for XDCC

IRC connections typically use port 6666, and ports close to that number.

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