Intrusion Detection System Survey

Daniel MacKay Daniel.MacKay at Dal.Ca
Wed Sep 11 16:15:47 GMT 2002


Here are a couple of questions from a computer science grad student. 
If you could reply (to him) I'm sure he would be most grateful.

In a meeting last week they said they would summarize and send me the 
results, I will post to UNISOG.  Thanks on their behalf.

From: ANDREW TING ZHOU <azhou at>
Subject: Questions for Network Administrators

Our project is to develop a user interface for a network intrusion 
detection system. In the project, we will address some usability 
issues network administrators face while monitoring/protecting their 
networks/systems. Please share us your experience at network 

1. Do you use any intrusion detection systems (IDS)? If so, what
    are they?

2. Did you evaluate any IDSs in the last two years? If so, when
    was it and what are they?

3. Would you like to participate in a survey about security
    management related issues? If yes, how can we contact you?

Thanks for your time and help. Please include any additional comments

Daniel MacKay                           Daniel.MacKay at Dal.Ca
Network Services Manager                +1.902.494.danm
Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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