[unisog] QMS printer sending data to Internet sites?

rossd at me.berkeley.edu rossd at me.berkeley.edu
Mon Sep 16 19:59:09 GMT 2002

Rita Seplowitz Saltz on Mon, Sep 16, 2002 at 03:50:30PM -0400:
> We received (and verified) an odd report.  A QMS printer on campus appears
> to be sending packets to Internet sites, which perceive the traffic as the
> usual hostile scans.  Has anyone else seen this rather bizarre phenomenon?
> Rita Saltz
> Policy and Security Advisor
> Office of Information Technology (OIT)
> Princeton University
> rita at princeton.edu

There was a good overview of the problem in a Freshmeat.net editorial

Network Printers and Other Peripherals -- Vulnerabilities and Fixes

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