[unisog] QMS printer sending data to Internet sites?

H. Morrow Long morrow.long at yale.edu
Tue Sep 17 02:07:24 GMT 2002

My humble personal feeling is that networked printers should be on 
RFC1918 private IP addresses.

In almost all cases there is neither a need for them to be accessed from 
the Internet (e.g.
people printing from the Internet to your printers) nor a need for the 
printer to access the
Internet.  The printers just end up getting attacked from the Internet IMHO.

Moving a few thousand networked printers to 172.16.*.* is one of my 
initiatives for this next year.

H. Morrow Long
University Information Security Officer
Dir. InfoSec Office
Yale University, ITS

Rita Seplowitz Saltz wrote:

>We received (and verified) an odd report.  A QMS printer on campus appears
>to be sending packets to Internet sites, which perceive the traffic as the
>usual hostile scans.  Has anyone else seen this rather bizarre phenomenon?
>Rita Saltz
>Policy and Security Advisor
>Office of Information Technology (OIT)
>Princeton University
>rita at princeton.edu

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