[unisog] Hands-on Support for Cleaning/Re-installing Student Computers

H. Morrow Long morrow.long at yale.edu
Fri Sep 20 22:11:21 GMT 2002

Gary Flynn wrote:
> Do you provide hands-on support to the following communities? If so,
> how is it provided?
> 1. Students whose computers become infected with viruses and 
>    worms?

If they need help in disinfecting or removal we refer them to the
Computing Assistants in their residential college (what we have
instead of dormitories...).  CAs are students who work P/T for ITS.

> 2. Students whose computers show symptoms of a compromise?

If it is more sophisticated than #1 (e.g. if it were a particular manual
intrusion or were used in serious criminal activity) we will sometimes
offer to send out an information security officer if they wish (and
if they allow us to inspect their PC).

Otherwise we recommend the 'RE' program to them (remove from network,
reformat, reinstall OS, re-patch, re-secure, reload application programs,
restore personal datafiles, reconnect computer system to campus network).

> 3. Students whose computers are in private, off-campus 
>    domiciles which are connected to your network (if applicable)?

We don't really have these.

- H. Morrow Long

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