[unisog] MSU: COE hacker/cracker attack

Allen Chang allen at rescomp.berkeley.edu
Fri Sep 20 23:49:27 GMT 2002

Link Correction:


We've tried to take the non-destructive route here at Berkeley and removal
success rate is at around 98%. Note that fixing these computers requires
inimate knowledge of what should and should not be running in Windows
2000. There are a few cases where we've given up and reformatted but those
were all Windows 2000 Server/Advanced Server computers with about 30-40
ports open.


On Fri, 20 Sep 2002, Lora Fulton wrote:

> Allen,
> Any chance you can correct this link ?  I am very
> interested to see the guidlelines.  You look to be
> ahead of the game here.  Thanks - Lora
> These are general guidelines for compromised computers:
> http://www/about/training/rcc/02-03/CompromisedComputer/
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> Office of Information Technology          (617)-353-2780
> Boston University                         http://www.bu.edu
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