[unisog] HIPPA Resources

Patrick Darden darden at armc.org
Mon Sep 23 12:09:03 GMT 2002

I would check out SAN.  They have a HIPAA brief that covers everything an
IS person needs to know about HIPAA.  I would also check out the CISSP, as
the HIPAA people seem to have drawn a lot of their stuff straight out of
the certification manuals.  Lots of government sites--but they generally
have too much information, most of it not pertaining to you.

Remember that HIPAA has three main parts, and only the security and
privacy parts pertain to IS, and then only parts of them.

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On Fri, 20 Sep 2002, Gary Flynn wrote:

> Where do I start? :(
> Anyone have anything online especially regarding network
> access controls?
> thanks,
> -- 
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> James Madison University
> Please R.U.N.S.A.F.E.
> http://www.jmu.edu/computing/runsafe

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