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Later today, I will add a link to the webcast from
We're also recording it and we will make that available from the same web site
soon after the event.

Kathy Bergsma
UF IT Security Coordinator

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                Awareness Day

UF to Host 5th Information Technology Security Awareness Day

NERDC News:  N0368
September 13, 2002

The University of Florida Office of Information Technology is sponsoring
the 5th annual Information Technology Security Awareness (ITSA) Day on
Wednesday, September 25, 2002, in the J.Wayne Reitz Union auditorium.

ITSA Day is scheduled from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is free and open to the
public and no advanced registration is required. Educational departments,
centers, and college offices are invited to send their network
administrators and other technical personnel to this event.

This day-long program features local, national, and international experts
who will share a variety of practical guidelines to help network
administrators improve the security of their information resources. Vendors
will be available in the gallery outside the auditorium with information
about their security products.

 Time    Topic                            Presenters

 8:30am  Introduction                     Kathy Bergsma, Network Security Coordinator
 8:45am  Welcome to ITSA Day              Dr. Charles E. Frazier,
                                          Vice Prov. for Information Tech., UF
 9:00am  Securing the Global Info. Grid   Col. Kelly Crooks, USAF
 9:45am  Break
 10:00am Cracker Tools and Techniques     Anish Bhimani, Chief Technology Officer,
                                          Predictive Systems
 10:45am Break
 11:00am Anatomy of a Hack                John Rezabek, ISS
 11:45am Lunch
 1:30pm  Wireless Security                Dale Roznowski, Cisco
 2:15pm  Break
 2:30pm  Antivirus to MalWare -           Lee Fisher, Network Associates, UK
         Securing your Network
 3:15pm  Break
 3:30pm  Information Security Brief       Andrew Willetts, Sr.
                                          Systems Engineer, Symantec

Previous ITSA Day seminars have attracted attendees from statewide
industry, education and law-enforcement agencies. We hope you, too, will
join us for this important event.

For more information, call Kathy Bergsma or Allan Pither at (352) 392-2061
or visit the ITSA Web site at

News articles, NERDC documents, and related information can be accessed
on-line through DOCWEB, NERDC's WWW-based documentation system, at

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