[unisog] Slashdot's UCSB Article

Dave Ellingsberg dave.ellingsberg at csu.mnscu.edu
Mon Sep 30 17:55:14 GMT 2002

>From the UCSB web site for resnet


Dave Ellingsberg        WAN Specialist
NEW cell phone  1 651 775 9342
Bigfoot at mankato.msus.edu

Ellingda at csu.mnscu.edu

Office Phone 507-354-8772

Home Phone 507-354-8772

Pager 651-339-1909
    It will be a great day when our schools have
    all the money they need and the Twins
     have to hold a bake sale to build a new stadium.

>>> "Robert Bird" <RobB at housing.ufl.edu> 09/30/02 08:47AM >>>
Is there any truth in this article? Does anyone know?
Robert Bird, Supervisor of Network Services
University of Florida Division of Housing
robb at housing.ufl.edu

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