[unisog] Email and tcpwrappers

John LaPrad jrl at svsu.edu
Thu Apr 17 23:01:17 GMT 2003

We tried requiring rDNS but had to give it up. Many, many legitimate emails come from improperly configured servers. We even had some sys admins tell us that their security policy required them to have bogus rDNS info. 
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>>> Jenett Tillotson <jtillots at pharmacy.purdue.edu> 04/14/03 09:48AM >>>

I was wondering if anyone had some good advice about how to deal with 
machines that don't have a DNS reverse lookup and port 25.  Since we are 
getting a lot of pornographic email from machines which aren't registered, 
I'm hoping to block email from machines that don't have a reverse lookup.  
However, in doing some initial checking on this, it appears that A LOT of 
machines sending legitimate email do not have a reverse lookup.

What are other people doing out there to stop the barrage of pornographic 

Thanks in advance,

Jenett Tillotson
School of Pharmacy
Purdue University

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