[unisog] Fraudulent eBay Site

Gary Flynn flynngn at jmu.edu
Tue Apr 22 20:43:14 GMT 2003

Jeff Bollinger wrote:

> Please be aware that http://www.ebayauthorize.com is not affiliated with
> the actual eBay company (http://www.ebay.com).  The site with is
> accepting personal information and credit/debit card information as
> well. They have been spamming users to get them to come to their site.
> We have notified eBay and the hosting domain, but wanted to give y'all a
> heads up about this in case it becomes an issue.

Now I'm put in the position of ignoring this or posting
a warning to my local population based on Jeff's data
that may subject me to libel in the case that
www.ebayauthorize.com is legitimate. :(

( Nothing personal, Jeff. You're just the messenger. )

Does performing a registry lookup that doesn't resolve
to Ebay exhibit due diligence? :)

These types of things damage user trust in cyberspace
(and human nature and probably for good reason). How
to best explain to non-technical end users what web
sites to trust?  Certificate chains don't even help if
the names are well chosen and who is going to look
at those anyway.

OrgName:    Stefani Technologies, LLC
OrgID:      STL-36
Address:    8888 Keystone Crossing Plaza, Ste 1300
City:       Indianapolis
StateProv:  IN
PostalCode: 46240
Country:    US

NetRange: -
NetName:    TECHHULK
NetHandle:  NET-64-72-132-0-1
Parent:     NET-64-72-128-0-1
NetType:    Reassigned
RegDate:    2003-03-07
Updated:    2003-03-07

# ARIN WHOIS database, last updated 2003-04-21 20:10
# Enter ? for additional hints on searching ARIN's WHOIS database.

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