Laptop-Only Academic Computing Environments

rossd at rossd at
Fri Apr 25 20:22:36 GMT 2003

 Hello Everyone-
  I apologize to those that are seeing this mutiple times, as I am cross-posting
  the Unisog, EDUCAUSE and Windows2000-HiEd lists to solicit feedback from the broadest 
  cross-section of my peers.
  I was hoping to get some feedback from other university computer professionals that
  have experienced the infrastructure change of going from desktop to pure laptop environments.
  There is some discussion among the engineering faculty about converting all of our desktop
  computer labs to laptops only for students, and I was hoping to see if anyone
  had any pertinent insight on the following issues:
  (of course, feel free to answer as much as you feel comfortable doing)
   1. Did the move from desktops to laptop reduce maintenance costs/support calls?
      What, if any, infrastructure/procedural changes did you have to make?
   2. Are you public or private? How many students are there at your school?

   3. Are your IT people responsible for supporting the laptops, or is it up
      to the student? What is your ratio of IT support personnel to laptop users?

   4. How is security handled? Has the number of security incidents increased or
      decreased since making this change?

   5. How was software handled? Did your campus contract with software vendors to
      get package deals, and then bundle/distribute the required software in-house?
      Or were the students required to source and install the software themselves?

   6. If someone told you they had decided to do this, what advice would you
      give them?
   Also, if your university looked at this proposition, and decided
   against doing so, what were the reasons?
   Thank you all for your time, and any response/wisdom you can share with me.
     Ross Dmochowski
     Programmer/Analyst III
     UC Berkeley Dept Of Mechanical Engineering

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