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Arnold, Jamie harnold at binghamton.edu
Tue Apr 1 00:28:54 GMT 2003

We block 3389 ( and lots of other ports)  If they want access, they have to
go through one of our Cisco 3030 concentrators.

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Hello all...

The influx of Windows XP into our domain has increased the number of faculty
and staff wanting to access their at work desktops from home via Microsoft

This of course opens and huge can of worms as far as security is concerned.
How secure is the at home computer? Are proper complex passwords protecting
the access to the RDC desktop? etc.

I have asked our Windows guru's questions about logging, brute force
password attacks, how do we protect administrator privileged accounts? And
am still awaiting their reply's.

It occurred to me that we can't be the only institution struggling with this
issue and that a question to Unisog as to how other institutions are dealing
with the issue might be enlightening.


Ed Gibson
University of Western Ontario
Network Operations

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