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Tue Apr 8 19:04:38 GMT 2003

Hello there,

Not sure if this is off-topic, but if it is go ahead and yell at me 
and I'll apologize now, just in case.  ;-)

I've been selected to chair a committee here at the University which will
be investigating Future Technologies.  I'm interested in feedback from
anyone in the group on how they deal with this issue.  Useful information
would be:

*what are organizations doing to stay ahead of the curve, keep abreast
of new technologies and determine whether or not they would be useful to
their organization

*how much funding is being allocated to this type of investigation

*is this function being addressed specifically, as a whole departmental
focus (such as an Emerging Technology division within the school) or
throughout the whole school within every division

*are there specific magazines, newsletters or websites that can be used as
a good reference for this topic

Any information that can be provided will be greatly appreciated.


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