[unisog] Blocking Kazaa

Reg Quinton reggers at ist.uwaterloo.ca
Wed Apr 9 13:19:03 GMT 2003

> I would like to know how to block the Kazaa program through my firewall.
> As far I know, it uses port 80 and I cannot block this port, I try to
> port tcp 1214 and didn't work, cause it will use port 80 to connect and
> downloads.

We have a University statement that says Kazaa and the like are forbidden.

What we do is once a week scan for port 80, probe the port to get the
version, and if it says Kazaa we contact the user and send them a cease and
desist nasty gram.  People comply ... especially when network managers yank
the plug on those who don't.

One could, of course, use fancy technologies to detect and drop the

You could, of course, restrict port 80 to your "blessed" web servers and
forbid any new ones (including Kazaa).

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