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Blake, Diane DBlake at cts.UCLA.EDU
Thu Apr 10 16:13:43 GMT 2003

UCLA is deploying a centralized Virtual Private Network (VPN) service for use by remote access and wireless laptop and PDA users. We would appreciate your taking a few minutes to complete the survey questions below that relate to VPN service at your institution. Your input will help us a great deal.  Please forward your completed survey questions to me at dblake at cts.ucla.edu rather than to the mailing list.  I will summarize the responses and publish them on the list for everyone's benefit.

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Diane Blake
UCLA Communications Technology Services
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dblake at cts.ucla.edu


1.	Do you have a data wireless network operating on your campus? 

	[If your answer is no, please respond to the appropriate questions below for any VPN service you may have.]

2.	Do you use VPN to secure access through the data wireless network?   

3.	If not, what do you use to secure your wireless network?

	[If you answered question 3, please go on to question 12]

4.	If so, what make and model of VPN do you use?  Is it fully redundant?

5.	What authentication protocols does your VPN support?

6.	Can PDAs be used on your VPN?  If so, which PDA clients do you use?

7.	Do remote users use your central VPN gateway to get to their departmental networks?

8.	If so, do you provide specialized VPN access to make it appear to remote users that they are accessing a standalone department VPN?

9.	How many individual users access your VPN at peak?  How many connections are sourced from internal networks? How many from external networks?

10.	How many simultaneous sessions is your VPN handling at peak per day?  What is your peak bandwidth?

11.	Do you have access criteria in place to limit access or timeout sessions?

12.	Do departments on your campus provide their own VPNs? 

13.	If so, do you allow them to tunnel through your wireless network?  Using which protocols?

14.	Has your institution defined campuswide standards for departmental VPNs?  If so, please provide the URL for access to your standards document.

15.	Contact Name and Email: 

Thanks for your response!

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