[unisog] Controlling image loading in outlook

Gary Flynn flynngn at jmu.edu
Wed Apr 16 22:29:24 GMT 2003

Russell Fulton wrote:
> Does anyone know if there is a way in outlook to stop links to external
> resource (images) being loaded by default.  I use evolution on Linux and
> I can have this set up and all I get for most of these mails is a series
> of empty outline boxes.  I'd love to move all these people on to Linux
> but I can't see it happening soon ;-)  so we are stuck with Outlook.

Hi Russell,

Not only do the images upset people but when they're fetched,
it lets the sender know they've got a live email box and
provides the IP address.


There are other Windows clients besides Outlook ;)
Netscape, and probably Mozilla, have an option to do what
you want. In Netscape, it is under Privacy and Security ->

   Do not load remote images in mail or newsgroups

Try it out first, I seem to remember still getting some
images once in a while. Maybe they're embedded.

> I've asked this question of several of our windows 'experts' but none of
> them have been able to suggest anything. 

The following article indicates that HTML email and/or
images may be blocked in "Outlook 11" in the preview pane:


There look to be options about image downloads in the IE
configuration but, unfortunately, they're in the global
Advanced section. New versions of Outlook, by default, look
to IE's restricted zone for rules to follow. If Microsoft
could put the image configuration in the individual security
zones, that would certainly be nice. :)

I also found this add-on tool that you might find

NOHTML Add-in for Outlook

Gary Flynn
Security Engineer - Technical Services
James Madison University

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