[unisog] Recent increase in RIAA complaints

David Opitz dopitz at loyola.edu
Thu Apr 17 23:16:25 GMT 2003

>>> Doug Nelson <nelson at clunix.cl.msu.edu> 04/17/03 17:13 PM >>>
> Anyone see this letting up any time soon.  We're getting  lots of these.

So what is everyone doing about this?  We have to track
down the offender, according to the law.  What do you
do when you find them?  I'm just curious.

Here, students are given a warning, and if a second
complaint comes in, then it is a more serious offense.
I'm not sure what exactly happens the second time,
since we haven't had any two-time offenders yet, and
I'm just the techy, not the in charge of discipline.

Dave Opitz
Security Analyst
Loyola College in Maryland

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