[unisog] Controlling image loading in outlook

Steven Bairstow sab139 at psu.edu
Thu Apr 17 23:13:02 GMT 2003

How about Anomy Sanitizer?  It can be set up to defang most of Outlook's "features".


At 1:30 PM +1200 4/16/03, Russell Fulton wrote:
>	like every one else on the 'Net we are getting deluged by spam, we are
>employing various well known strategies to deal with it but some
>inevitably gets through. 
>We have had complaints from some clerical staff who 'man' some of the
>public aliases that the university supports and are in every spammers
>list.  Their main complaint is about the pornographic images that land
>on their screens in spite of our best efforts.
>Does anyone know if there is a way in outlook to stop links to external
>resource (images) being loaded by default.  I use evolution on Linux and
>I can have this set up and all I get for most of these mails is a series
>of empty outline boxes.  I'd love to move all these people on to Linux
>but I can't see it happening soon ;-)  so we are stuck with Outlook.
>I've asked this question of several of our windows 'experts' but none of
>them have been able to suggest anything.
>Cheers, Russell. 
>Russell Fulton, Computer and Network Security Officer
>The University of Auckland,  New Zealand
>"It aint necessarily so"  - Gershwin


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