[unisog] spam issue / FAQ

E. Larry Lidz ellidz at eridu.uchicago.edu
Fri Apr 18 16:32:52 GMT 2003

Karen A Swanberg writes:
>I agree. And while there is an archive of Unisog available
>(http://www.theorygroup.com/Archive/Unisog/), it tends to be pretty
>behind. Is it time to set up an 'official' website for Unisog, with a FAQ
>and more up-to-date archives? Since we're hosted at SANS, would they
>perhaps provide the space?

As some people no doubt know, the list is moderated (I'm the
moderator). I can stop letting through quite so many of the repeat
questions. Mostly I've been moderating to remove spam, viruses, and
administrative requests, non-University-related discussions, and
worrying about the occassional rathole discussion or repeated topic.

I can certainly worry more about the last item. 

I've also been meaning to add a message sent to new subscribers (and
which could be retreived by sending a note to unisog-info at sans.org).
I'll try to get this in place shortly (and I'll send a copy out to the
list at that time).

-E. Larry Lidz, moderator, unisog.

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