[unisog] Recent increase in RIAA complaints

Arnold, Jamie harnold at binghamton.edu
Fri Apr 18 16:34:21 GMT 2003

We're being targeted due to the high concentration of abusers under one
"roof".  While we have not banned P2P yet...and really don't want to.... We
have to come up with a way to avoid these problems in the first place.

Traffic shaping helps, but even that is being bypassed with tunneling and
(soon to arrive) encryption.

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We are anticipating a much heavier flow of these next academic year, and are
starting to make plans to handle them.  It has swamped the staff I have
working on this, and we now have to make staffing decisions (and thus
budgetary decisions) based on this increase in complaints.

Where do I send the complaints to get *my* money back? ;-)

If someone has the magic solution for this let me know.  This has required a
lot of phone calls, emails, explanations to the students who get them, and
most importantly (and time consuming) good, documented follow-up practices.
We also hope to step up our proactive, educational efforts, but I am not
optimistic that proactive warnings and clear policies alone will stem the
flood of these complaints.

I am a fool if I challenge these complaints in a public forum, but I feel a
bit like a business decision by en external corporation is increasing the
load on me and my already strained staff to the limit.  We already fully
cooperate with these complaints, and always intend to, but this is clearly a
measure to put more pressure on us to put more pressure on the students.  We
are more than an ISP to these students - we feel a need to tell them what
might happen if they share these files, to explain what the complaints mean
when they get one, and to explain how they can comply with the media
companies' requests.  My broadband ISP has not done any of this for me, or
at least not that I am aware of.

Are schools being targeted because we harbor more of these "copyright
criminals", or because we are more involved with our users?  Are ISPs seeing
a similar increase?  Does anyone really think the home broadband market is
seeing less copyright abuse than we are?  (They are certainly seeing more
than their share of security incidents.)


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Doug Nelson <nelson at clunix.cl.msu.edu>
04/17/2003 04:24 PM

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> Anyone see this letting up any time soon.  We're getting  lots of these.

Sure - in two weeks, most of our students are gone for the summer.

I don't expect things to be much better this fall, though, barring any
changes in policy or law which would require us to take a more proactive
role in addressing DMCA/copyright issues.

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