[unisog] Recent increase in RIAA complaints

Lois Lehman LOIS.LEHMAN at asu.edu
Fri Apr 18 18:25:11 GMT 2003

Our CIO sent an e-mail to everyone at the university---faculty, students,
and staff, addressing this issue and pointing folks to our policies in
place.  The message included this:

"These organizations maintain that much of the file-trading that occurs
through the use of these programs constitutes copyright infringement.  While
it generally is accepted that ripping an MP3 from a CD you already own for
your own personal use is "fair use", it generally is not legal to then share
that MP3 indiscriminately over the Internet.  Neither the fact that the
technology is easy to use and free, nor the fact that you are "publicizing"
the artist in the process is a viable defense to a copyright infringement

Sanctions for uses of ASU resources that violate the Computer, Internet and
Electronic Communications Policy may include suspension or expulsion for
students, employment sanctions for employees, and reduction or loss of the
privilege to use ASU computing resources."

For student abuse of any kind, we refer the offender to our Student Life to
handle the case.  They work in conjunction with the student's home
department and do follow through with appropriate sanctions.  

Lois Lehman, GSEC, MBA
Network Security Manager
Physical Sciences Computer Support Manager
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Arizona State University

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