[unisog] Laptop-Only Academic Computing Environments

Mitch Collinsworth mitch at ccmr.cornell.edu
Sat Apr 26 03:02:00 GMT 2003

On Fri, 25 Apr 2003 rossd at cns.me.berkeley.edu wrote:

>   There is some discussion among the engineering faculty about converting all of our desktop
>   computer labs to laptops only for students, and I was hoping to see if anyone

>    6. If someone told you they had decided to do this, what advice would you
>       give them?

Slow down and think about ergonomics.  Laptops are an ergonomic
nightmare.  They break all the rules about both keyboard height and
monitor height.  If your students are expected to spend any significant
amount of time in these labs, be prepared to deal with carpal tunnel
and other such claims.  Ask your risk management department how they
feel about the liability risks of laptops in student labs.

[Typing this on a laptop...]


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