[unisog] Laptop-Only Academic Computing Environments

Stan Horwitz stan at temple.edu
Sat Apr 26 10:32:05 GMT 2003

On Fri, 25 Apr 2003 rossd at cns.me.berkeley.edu wrote:

> Hello Everyone-
>  I apologize to those that are seeing this mutiple times, as I am
>  cross-posting the Unisog, EDUCAUSE and Windows2000-HiEd lists to
>  solicit feedback from the broadest cross-section of my peers. I was
>  hoping to get some feedback from other university computer
>  professionals that have experienced the infrastructure change of going
>  from desktop to pure laptop environments. There is some discussion
>  among the engineering faculty about converting all of our desktop
>  computer labs to laptops only for students, and I was hoping to see if
>  anyone had any pertinent insight on the following issues: (of course,
>  feel free to answer as much as you feel comfortable doing)

Why make such a conversion? I am sitting here in my parents' home while
visiting and while using my own Powerbook laptop. In the month I have
owned this laptop, it has become an important tool for me, but I cannot
imagine why a university would convert all its own labs to laptop
machines. What is the advantage to making such a conversion?

>   6. If someone told you they had decided to do this, what advice would you
>      give them?

Don't. A hybrid model is much better; one where a portion of the seats in
labs is available to students to connect up their own laptops wirelessly
or wired in order to take advantage of a university's local network and
physical lab resources.

>   Also, if your university looked at this proposition, and decided
>   against doing so, what were the reasons?

This is my own opinion now, not necessarily my employer's. To the best of
my knowledge, this issue has not confronted us.

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