[unisog] Wireless lans and public labs authentication

Asadoorian, Paul D Paul_Asadoorian at brown.edu
Tue Apr 29 12:40:15 GMT 2003

We use nocat here as well for our wireless users and it has been working
well so far, although there are issues that we need to address (email me
offline for details if you're interested).

The only problem I see in using it for wired network authentication is
throughput, but if its only going to be used for public clusters you're
probably okay.  I've heard claims that a Linux/iptables firewall can do
400mb/s (With gig interfaces), but haven't actually tested one yet...

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give nocatauth a look

connect to the network using DHCP, you bring up a web browser, type in
any url 
and you'll get an authentication screen. authenticate first then you can
use the 
network etc.

Tu Nguyen wrote:
> Hi All:
>  We are in the process of implementing authentication for our
> wireless lan and public labs. As they are similar in nature, both
> can probably share the same authentication scheme. I am interested
> in knowing how other universities deal with this issue.
> Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.
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