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Fri Aug 1 20:15:41 GMT 2003

I thought I'd pass this on in case anyone missed it.

We're getting lots of calls from upset users just about the message that
their accounts are expiring.

						- andy

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Internet Security Systems Security Brief
August 1, 2003

"Mimail" Mass-Email Worm Propagation


ISS X-Force has detected the spread of a mass-emailing worm named
"Mimail". The Mimail worm is currently propagating aggressively across the
Internet.  Mimail takes advantage of a vulnerability in Internet Explorer
to hide an executable program within what appears to be a benign HTML file
delivered to recipients via email.


The executable payload of the worm is hidden within a HTML file that is
delivered in a compressed ZIP archive. Many Internet users believe that
HTML files are not dangerous. The Mimail worm was designed specifically to
appear to be benign, and to execute via a flaw in Internet Explorer.
Viruses or worms that propagate by exploiting flaws in software are
particularly dangerous, and they generally propagate more effectively.

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