[unisog] DShield and Symantec report MSBlast in wild

Caroline Couture caroline at pobox.upenn.edu
Tue Aug 12 17:35:54 GMT 2003

Hi Folks!

Well we have already been dealing with some of this since we had summer 
students on campus who were hit.

Going door to door was a drag but since there weren't that many on campus 
we managed to deal.

We are just talking about what to do when folks get back to campus. Door 
hangers and information at the info table where they pick up their tv and 
ethernet cables and install cds is one idea. We are also investigating if 
MS will allow us to redistribute the patches on cd os that we might be able 
to get folks to patch before they plug into the network. Of course since 
some of these computers may have already been onling at home we have to 
deal with machines already cracked.

And of course since many of our students do "early" move in they are 
actually here before we are ready to deal with on the first day of 
"Official" move in.

What was it that Bette Davis said in "All About Eve"? "Fasten your 
seatbeats it's going to be a bumpy night!"

But that brings up the question about how folks handle cracked machines? Do 
you back up and restore student data for them? Do the reinstall? Any cost? 
Any restrictions? There just isn't any online storage on campus that 
students can store their files here. Not mention those that don't have 
their original media either because it's at home or lost or it was 
pre-installed and they just never got around to backing anything up.


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