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Donald Murdoch dmurdoch at
Tue Aug 12 19:20:43 GMT 2003

Hi all.

We have two people actively monitoring the DMZ network - one is watching a
TCPDUMP trace for any system connecting to port 135, and the other one is
monitoring a snort sensor specifically configured with the two RPC DCOM
Today - spent a bunch of time in a lab, looking ....
Shut down 2 IP's attempting to infect the world ....
Blocking known ports at the outermost point ..... (135-139, 445, etc).
Considering a tactical investment in Jolt Cola stock for the next 2
weeks.... but my broker won't call me back!

I did discover a misguided RPC service on a Linux system as a side effect.

Information Systems Security Officer
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Fax: 757-683-5155    Old Dominion University - Norfolk, Virginia. USA
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