MSBlast Strategies

Miller, Shawn stm2 at
Tue Aug 12 22:04:54 GMT 2003

> We are still brain storming, but our current plan is:
> 1.  Distribute a flier describing the problem.
> 	(Perhaps followed by email to all residence students).
> 2.  Direct them to an on-campus web page with the patch - 
> windowsupdate
> 	is getting slammed.
> 3.  Have them run the program from Symantec to remove the worm if
> 	they have it.
> STRONGLY encourage them to start visiting 
> on a regular basis since we know 
> most students have never applied any patches.

This is what we've decided on, with the addition of CD's that will contain
the various iterations of the patch and a few removal tools (I prefer
Stinger but we have a site license for Norton). I've been able to send
console messages to most of the infected machines currently on our
subdomain. With classes starting in less than two weeks, this thing is only

If anyone can send text of their current drafts to alert their student
populations, I'd really appreciate it. Normally Virus alerts (for us) just
tell people to watch out for this e-mail or that one, but this is ratcheted
up a level enough that it's difficult to be able to explain it to people
without a lot of jargon or detail, especially if allowing them to fix it

Another part of the problem is a large percentage of our population uses
laptops in a corporate/home environment and then brings them on to our
network. Machines are popping on and off all the time.

Shawn Miller
ITG User Services
Weatherhead School of Management
CWRU - Cleveland, OH

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