[unisog] DShield and Symantec report MSBlast in wild

Phillip G Deneault deneault at WPI.EDU
Wed Aug 13 22:12:28 GMT 2003

On Tue, 12 Aug 2003, Jeff Bollinger wrote:

> Speaking of which, anyone have any good plans to prevent another uprising
> for when the students do come back?
> Thanks,
> Jeff
> Jeff Bollinger, CISSP

We are linking the patch to the final page of our registration system so 
people can download and install the patch while waiting for their network 
connection to be conifigured.

We're also sending out our Helpdesk teams into each dorm armed with CD's 
of the patches and anti-virus programs.  That way they can patch and clean 
systems while solving other issues like which-cable-goes-in-which-port.


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