Print servers/RIPs

Simon s.corderoy at
Fri Aug 15 01:32:30 GMT 2003

This is a "heads up" for anyone that has a publishing or printing division 
on campus that uses Oce printing/copying gear.

Most of the large Oce printers have an internal or attached PC that 
controls the printer queue. These boxes run various OSes, including W2K, 
but do not have a user interface to indicate this. The OSes are configured 
to the default "off-the-CD" settings and are not set for auto-update.

The only way to patch these machines is to get an Oce technician in. Might 
be an idea to inform your printing sections and provide some form of 
minimum security spec for the tech to configure.

Simon Corderoy
Digital Prepress Coordinator
Publishing & Printing Services

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