[unisog] Two rpc dcom related questions

Dennis Viner Dennis_Viner at kgi.edu
Sun Aug 17 00:18:15 GMT 2003

Try http://www.microsoft.com/technet/treeview/default.asp?url=/technet/security/current.asp

or you can use the catalog update site:


Dennis Viner 
Keck Graduate Institute 

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> Subject: [unisog] Two rpc dcom related questions
>     I've been looking, and so far I have not found the answer
> to this:  is the windows2000-kb8 exe patch the only patch
> that needs to be installed to fix the rpc dcom bug, or does it
> just cover the case of the blaster worm?  Is there a sense of
> this bug now being completely patched, or are there still
> possible holes?
>    Also, where in the byzantine MS site is the list of actual
> patches that can be downloaded, if one doesn't want to 
> rely on the windows update mechanism?
>    Sorry if these seem stupid.  I've been up too long dealing
> with all this.......
> --STeve Andre'

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