[unisog] Wired and wireless nic's on a student machine

Jeff Bollinger jeff01 at email.unc.edu
Mon Aug 18 12:33:19 GMT 2003

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Mayne, Jim wrote:
| We have separate subnets for student wireless and student wired
connections. We have done this mostly for manageability and not
security. We are now trying to decide if we should suggest two separate
profiles be created on the user's machines, each with one nic disabled,
or should we go ahead and suggest both nic's to be enabled in one profile.
| We would rather a student not turn on ip forwarding and give out his
address as a router to others and we are wondering if having both nic's
enabled will suggest this to some students. Of course if a student
wanted to do this intentionally they could do it despite what we suggest.
| Does anyone have any comments?
| Thanks,
| Jim Mayne
| Sr. Network Engineer
| Texas Christian University
| j.mayne at tcu.edu
| (817) 257-6843

One thing to keep in mind is that if users are running M$ XP Home
edition, there is a possibility of "automatic" bridging between the two
devices (networks) which is very likely to create a network loop.  Of
course the dual profiles will help to mitigate this, but it is rather
annoying to have to logout/reboot (from the student perspective) to
switch between the networks.


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