Security User Support Group at Colleges

Thu Aug 21 14:36:43 GMT 2003

We notice that Security becomes a major factor in our daily work.
With the short of staff, we notice community support groups on campus can
contribute to our community.

We are successful in the technologies groups area such as AutoDesk/AutoCad 
Support Group and ESRI/GIS Support Group.  

It is time to form a Community Security Support Group for our campus.

I thought I might ask some tips from colleges which have already been working
with Security Campus Groups. If you have such group:

1. Who are your members? (Students, Staff, Faculties, outsiders, ...etc.)
2. What do you discuss? (Virus, SPAM, Users help, Documentations, ...etc.)
3. How do you communicate with your group and how often?
4. How do your Users get the information?
5. Others?

We are trying to control our announcements for our site license through 
a license page program: 
to discuss products, security, vendor trainings, 
community group support, ...etc. at Eastern Michigan University but
we are still growing.

Thank you for your input, 

Falah Alsaffar
Eastern Michigan University

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