[unisog] Building access controls

Jean-Paul Carter carter at ipfw.edu
Tue Aug 26 13:45:58 GMT 2003

we have been using the one from http://www.geoffreyaccess.com/ and are
very pleased with it.  The company that we have install them uses some
custom enclosure so the main board and 8 reader interfaces all go in one
cabinet on the wall and are power and have backup batteries all in one
case instead of multiple boxes on the wall.  The cabinet is pre wired so
it makes it very quick for installers to put up.

The software has been very solid, no problems with it.  It uses SQL
(full blown or the mini desktop sql).

We started off with one area as a test and have been expanding it every
time we remodel a communications room.  Expansion is as simple as giving
the panel an ip address and adding it into the software.

>>> "Tarek W Moussa, ISO" <tarekm at austin.utexas.edu> 8/25/2003 9:03:34
AM >>>

Hi everyone,

I am looking into the usage of smart cards and proximity cards for
building access control.  I am particularly interested in folks who
using CASI-rusco (now GE Interlogix) systems, but alternatives are
welcome as well.  

I would just like some insight on other systems you considered while
evaluating alternatives, as well as what you think about the systems
that you have implemented them.  Please respond directly to me, and I
will summarize the responses I get back to the list if there is

  Tarek Moussa                         E-mail:  t.moussa at its.utexas.edu

  Information Security Office          Phone :  512.475.9430
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